All our Horsehair Bracelets require hair of length of at least 450mm (18 inches)

8 Strand Braids

  • Our 8 Strand Braids require 160 Horsehairs.
  • Finished in Sterling Silver End Caps, Lobster 
  • Clasps and Chains.
  • Swarovski Crystal Charms can be added as in the case of the Haflinger bracelet above.
  • Standard Price £59.95.
  • Additional Charms can be added from £5 each.

5 Strand Plaits

  • Our 5 Strand Plaits require 100 Horsehairs.
  • Can be enhanced by the addition of Sterling Silver Beads - as in the picture above. These are stiched all the way around the plait. It looks fabulous for special occasions eg weddings.
  • Standard Price (Without Beads) £59.95
  • With Beads £79.95

Silver Name Plate Bracelet

  • Our Sterling Silver Name Plate Bracelet requires 50 Horsehairs.
  • This is our smallest and most delicate bracelet.
  • A Name can be engraved on the plate.
  • Standard Price £39.95
  • Engraved £59.95 * please note we are limited by size as to how many letters are included.

Please Note that Horsehair is a natural product and suffers in the same way as our own hair from wear and tear. Horsehair bracelets if worn constantly will eventually deteriorate and break down.